The Spirit Ring

The Spirit Ring

THE SPIRIT RING writen by Lois McMaster Bujold. making beautiful and enchanted "objets d'art, " but alas her magician-goldsmith father was more likely to have her scrub the kiln than study magic. After all, it was a waste to train a mere daughter beyond the needs of the moment.Thur Ochs dreamed of escaping the icy mines of Bruinwald. But the lett..

The Curse of Chalion (World of the Five Gods #1)

The Curse of Chalion                  (World of the Five Gods #1)

THE CURSE OF CHALION (WORLD OF THE FIVE GODS #1) writen by Lois McMaster Bujold. t, Cazaril, has returned to the noble household he once served as page, and is named, to his great surprise, as the secretary-tutor to the beautiful, strong-willed sister of the impetuous boy who is next in line to rule. It is an assignment Cazaril dreads, for it will ultimately lead him to the ..

The Vor Game (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #6)

The Vor Game                  (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #6)

THE VOR GAME (VORKOSIGAN SAGA (PUBLICATION) #6) writen by Lois McMaster Bujold. sigan graduates from the Academy, joins a mutiny, is placed under house arrest, goes on a secret mission, reconnects with his loyal Dendarii Mercenaries, rescues his Emperor, and thwarts an interstellar war. Situation normal, if you're Miles...

Cordelia's Honor (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #1&7)

Cordelia's Honor                  (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #1&7)

CORDELIA'S HONOR (VORKOSIGAN SAGA (PUBLICATION) #1&7) writen by Lois McMaster Bujold. ordelia Naismith and enemy Barrayaran Aral Vorkosigan are attacked and marooned together. Aral, misnamed "Butcher of Komarr", captures her. They exchange meanings of honor and love, separate for homes. Later demoted to Captain, Cordelia runs into Aral, after his sadistic cousin Vorrutyer, and warped..

Ethan of Athos (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #3)

Ethan of Athos                  (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #3)

ETHAN OF ATHOS (VORKOSIGAN SAGA (PUBLICATION) #3) writen by Lois McMaster Bujold. women" chestnut is reversed in the planet of Athos — an all-male planet made possible by the invention of the uterine replicator. Ethan, drawn out of his beloved Athos by a quest, finds himself an alien in more mainstream human society, and cannot help but find women disturbing aliens as well, es..

Beguilement (The Sharing Knife #1)

Beguilement                  (The Sharing Knife #1)

BEGUILEMENT (THE SHARING KNIFE #1) writen by Lois McMaster Bujold. seeks a life beyond her family's farm. Enroute to the city, she encounters a patrol of Lakewalkers. The necromancers armed with human bone knives fight "malices", immortal entities that draw out life, enslaving humans and animals. Dag saves Fawn from a malice - at a devastating cost. Their fates are..

Barrayar (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #7)

Barrayar                  (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #7)

BARRAYAR (VORKOSIGAN SAGA (PUBLICATION) #7) writen by Lois McMaster Bujold. orkosigan series the former space ship captain Cordelia Naismith marries her former enemy, Admiral Lord Aral Vorkosigan, and lives with him in aristocratic splendour and danger on his home planet of Barrayar. It is a difficult time, the old emperor is dying, and a bloody civil war over the succe..

A Civil Campaign (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #12)

A Civil Campaign                  (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #12)

A CIVIL CAMPAIGN (VORKOSIGAN SAGA (PUBLICATION) #12) writen by Lois McMaster Bujold. : unrequited love for the beautiful widow Ekaterin Vorsoisson, violently allergic to marriage after her first exposure. If a frontal assault won't do, Miles thinks, try subterfuge. He has a cunning plan... Lord Mark Vorkosigan, Miles' brother, also has a problem: his love has just become unrequited ..

Borders of Infinity (Vorkosigan Saga (Chronological) #4 1, 6 1, 6 2, 8)

Borders of Infinity                  (Vorkosigan Saga (Chronological) #4 1, 6 1, 6 2, 8)

BORDERS OF INFINITY (VORKOSIGAN SAGA (CHRONOLOGICAL) #4 1, 6 1, 6 2, 8) writen by Lois McMaster Bujold. igan Saga can get this limited edition volume for a great low price. The series has won the Hugo and Nebula awards and has been called "space opera at its best" by Publishers Weekly. Contents: Frame story that follows Miles' time on Earth in Brothers in Arms The Mountains of Mourning (1989) La..

Memory (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #10)

Memory                  (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #10)

MEMORY (VORKOSIGAN SAGA (PUBLICATION) #10) writen by Lois McMaster Bujold. iles Vorkosigan souffre de convulsions. Or, au cours de sa dernière mission, il a eu une crise et provoqué un grave accident. Il décide de falsifier son rapport et de passer sa responsabilité sous silence. Mais Simon Illyan, le chef de la Sécimp, découvre la vérité et, la mort dans l'âme, l..

The Hallowed Hunt (World of the Five Gods #3)

The Hallowed Hunt                  (World of the Five Gods #3)

THE HALLOWED HUNT (WORLD OF THE FIVE GODS #3) writen by Lois McMaster Bujold. been slain by a noblewoman he had intended to defile -- and Lord Ingrey kin Wolfcliff must transport the body to its burial place and the accused killer, the Lady Ijada, to judgment. With the death of the old Hallow King imminent and the crown in play, the road they must travel together is a danger..

Brothers in Arms (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #5)

Brothers in Arms                  (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #5)

BROTHERS IN ARMS (VORKOSIGAN SAGA (PUBLICATION) #5) writen by Lois McMaster Bujold. etary peace and the disappearance of the Dendarii payroll, mercenary captain Miles Naismith attempts to discover the link between the insufferable Captain Galeni and the Komarran rebel expatriates. Reissue. AB...

Shards of Honour (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #1)

Shards of Honour                  (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #1)

SHARDS OF HONOUR (VORKOSIGAN SAGA (PUBLICATION) #1) writen by Lois McMaster Bujold. ey crew are attacked by Barrayars, mutineers against ship commander Aral Vorkosigan. Aral and Cordelia learn what honor means to the other, admire cultural differences, escape dangers...

Falling Free (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #4)

Falling Free                  (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #4)

FALLING FREE (VORKOSIGAN SAGA (PUBLICATION) #4) writen by Lois McMaster Bujold. neer...Safety Regs weren't just the rule book he swore by; he'd helped write them. All that changed on his assignment to the Cay Habitat. Leo was profoundly uneasy with the corporate exploitation of his bright new students till that exploitation turned to something much worse. He hadn't anticipated ..

Cetaganda (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #9)

Cetaganda                  (Vorkosigan Saga (Publication) #9)

CETAGANDA (VORKOSIGAN SAGA (PUBLICATION) #9) writen by Lois McMaster Bujold. ugo-award winning adventures of Miles Vorkosigan. In this novel Miles Vorkosigan and his cousin Ivan travel to Cetaganda, the long-standing enemy of Barrayar, to represent their Barrayar at the funeral of the mother of the Cetagandan emperor. From the moment they arrive they are swept into a comp..